David says he was just 19 when he started thinking artistically. He graduated from EWU in 1986 with a studio art degree and moved from Spokane to Seattle in 1987 to weld sculptures. Unfortunately, by the 1990’s, rents in Seattle were so high that producing welded 3-D sculptures was not a viable option. In a smaller space David traded the torch for a soldering iron. This provided more flexibility in his work space as the process became more domestic and less industrial. It was during this time that David discovered the Washington State University book store and its selection of paper. Next came paint and the rest is history..or is it.

While David’s current work mixes his abilities in wire, paper and paint, he took a hiatus from art in the 2000s. With the bulk of his art stored in a barn and producing little over many years, David’s energy for creating was reinvigorated in 2016. That year he participated in a summer show in the Giant Nerd Bookstore followed by Art on the Ave 2017. We are glad that David enjoyed the event so much that he’s decided to return this year.

Of this work David says that he chooses darker themes because they run deeper. The portraits of historic characters David creates are of people who were difficult, sometimes called psychotics. David questions where progress would have been made without these villains?

Check out David’s work at Art on the Ave. It’s just two weekends away! Head out to Sprague Avenue (1700 to 1900 blocks) on Saturday, September 29. Artist exhibits are open from noon to 6 PM with live music at the main stage until 9 PM.

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