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Show off your art | The last Saturday in September
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WELCOME ARTISTS – to the Annual Art on the Ave. It supports local artists, providing artists visibility and a chance to be among their peers in this amazing one day event. Artists from all over the Northwest and as far as Alaska and Florida have participated. All levels, from the beginner to the professional, from the painter, to the sculptor, to the musician, and all mediums in between are invited.

Saturday, September 29 • noon – 6 pm

Located in Spokane, Wash. on East Sprague Ave between Napa and Madelia Streets.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out and you are on your way to becoming a featured artist! Click for Artist Registeration

View terms and information of being a featured artist now. Terms & Info

A $30 registration fee is all that’s needed to secure your participation. Get exposure plus lunch and a snack.

Share your story on how you got started, what medium you love, and share your masterpieces with Art on the Ave and all that come here.