Here’s the line-up one more time! We hope to see you tomorrow for Art on the Ave. Artists exhibits and music get underway at noon. Live music extends until 10 pm.

Bennidito’s Stage                           

Set Time                               Band Name

12:00-12:45pm                  dee-em

1:00-1:45pm                       Hobo Hangout

2:00-2:45pm                       Idol Hands

3:00-3:45pm                       Brotha Nature

4:00-4:45pm                       Buffalo Jones

5:00-5:45pm                       The South Hill

6:00-6:45pm                       Dapper Devils

7:00-7:45pm                       Wayward West

8:00-8:45pm                       Bad Motivator

9:00-9:45pm                       Bar Talk


Tin Roof Stage

Set Time                               Band Name

12:30-1:15pm                     Johnny Shalom & The Narrow Gate

1:30-2:15pm                       Dave McRae

2:30-3:15pm                       Mya Jolyn

3:30-4:15pm                       Dutch Jake’s

4:30-5:15pm                       Justine Ponsness

5:30-6:15pm                       Wake Up Flora