Brett is a self-taught oil painter. He is a graduate of EWU’s psychology department, a French speaker and Russian history nut. Of his work Brett says “More than anything, my work is just what I find wondrous in the world, and I hope that I can give you, the viewer, a sense of that wonder. I want you to feel small and as if you’re part of something big and infinitely complex, because-well, you are.”

Brett is also a pretty funny guy going on to state that “My work doesn’t really follow any one traditional style. I’m not very familiar with cubism, but I know who Bob Ross is, and he seems like a pretty cool guy.” Brett wants you to “take a moment, take a look, and above all else, lose yourself in art.”

We agree with Brett. We invite you to lose yourself in art on Saturday, September 26th from noon to 6 pm.

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