We’d like to thank Tiger Tattoo for hosting artist for a second year in a row. At last year’s event Tiger Tattoo had just moved to the area when our volunteers came knocking on their door with requests to join the Art on the Ave team as a host location. We are so glad they found value and enjoyment in the event and are hosting artists once again this year.

Tiger Tattoo will be hosting AoA artist Kathy Anderson, but the professionals at Tiger Tattoo are artists in their own right. We encourage you to visit Duffy and Sienna  of Tiger Tattoo along with Kathy on Saturday, September 30. Art on the Ave takes place from noon to 6 pm (live music until 9 pm) between the 1700 and 1900 blocks of Sprague Avenue (Madelia to Napa), Spokane, WA 99202.

About Tiger Tattoo – Tiger Tattoo was founded in 1978 by Walt Dailey, who has been tattooing over 40 years in the Spokane area. Walt recently retired, and the shop changed hands to long time tattooer, employee, and friend, Duffy Moon. Sienna J, who began tattooing in Hawai’i in 2009, joined the team in 2012. Tiger Tattoo began its legacy in the Sprague District, and transitioned to the Garland area, only to come full circle and return once more to Sprague, just before the monumental construction project to refurbish the Sprague Union District.