We are so excited to have Colladay Leather join Art on the Ave this year. The husband and wife duo of Colladay Leather design and handcraft leather goods meant to inspire imagination and creativity. They borrow from the traditions and techniques of Western leather arts, but with a decidedly Pacific-Northwest style!

Their tooled leather products feature Jeremiah’s original artwork, and each piece is cut, carved, beveled, shaded and dyed by hand, leaving no two exactly alike. Even those pieces without tooling are cut, edged and carefully constructed by hand.


About the Artist

Most of Jeremiah’s childhood was spent filling his sketchbooks with pencil and ink drawings, innovating new products from objects he found around his house and playing the guitar and drums. In his early twenties he transferred his drawing skills to the world of tattooing, but a few years later he discovered his true artistic passion when a friend gave him a sewing awl and a bag of old leather scraps. In 2013 Jeremiah began a three-year apprenticeship with a custom saddle maker. This was the opportunity he needed to meld his artistic talent with the techniques of a dying art form. In his time at the saddle shop he learned how to carve, tool and dye leather in a way that brings his artwork to life. Currently, his style is influenced by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, where he resides, as well as the techniques of tattoo artists and metal engravers.

Find out more about Colladay Leather – visit their website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Website – https://colladayleather.com/; Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/colladayleather; Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/colladayleather

About Colladay Leather – We are committed to providing our customers with beautiful, functional and durable leather products. Our business is an endeavor to continue the artisan tradition. Our passion is for artistry and the creative process, in all its forms. We believe creativity has been written into the soul of every person and our desire is to nurture that through our work. Whether it’s a journal cover, a guitar strap, or any piece in-between, we want our customers to feel a stirring to pursue and hone their own expertise or craft. Our hope is that our work will inspire others in their own creative journey.

Visit Colladay Leather at Art on the Ave, Saturday, September 30 between noon and 6 pm. Live Music will continue at the main stage until 10 PM. Art on the Ave takes place on the 1700, 1800, and 1900 blocks of East Sprague Avenue (Madelia to Napa).