Art on the Avenue is pleased to announce that Breanna Harting will be joining the Art on the Ave family in 2016. Breanna started drawing as soon as she was able to hold a pencil. Horses, roses, and people were among her favorite subjects to draw. However, like so many of us, Breanna’s youth was wrought with self-doubt. Now in her thirties she’s shed much of that. After hiding her gifts and abilities from the rest of us for more than ten years, Breanna has been inspired by her children, family, and some very talented close friends to venture back into art.

Breanna has only just begun to play with brighter colored pens, pencils and paint she tells us that when she feels stressed out or experiences a sense of defeat, drawing/creating or writing brings her back home again. With a paint brush or pen in hand Breanna looks forward to the next, more challenging realms of painting and creating.

“Challenges keep life exciting. I know I will never learn it all, but I sure want to!”

Breanna says that she enjoys the feeling she gets from creating, and that her spirit feels renewed.

“I am able to notice the beauty and the darkness and bring light to both subjects in a safe manner. Art allows me to connect with others and say what cannot be put into words. It can provide us with historical truths, teach us life lessons, or lead us onto a new path all in a moment’s glance. More and more a deep sense of thankfulness washes over me that I am able to have this outlet.”

We hope you will take the time to visit with Breanna at Art on the Ave on Saturday, September 24th. Art exhibits will be open from noon to 6 PM and live music will continue until 9 PM.

Art on the Ave – 1700-1900 blocks of East Sprague Avenue (Madelia to Napa), Spokane, WA 99202


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