Ann is the co-owner A&J Clothing. A&J Clothing first opened in 2015 on Sprague Ave. in the heart of the Sprague Union District. While A&J Clothing has fully transitioned to an online store, we are pleased to welcome them back to their old neighborhood for Art on the Ave. Ann says that she and her co-owners love fashion and are inspired by the different styles and trends of large urban cities such as L.A. and New York. Their goal is to provide those trends to their customers at affordable prices. Aside from the clothing store, Ann enjoys making and selling her flower bouquets in local farmers markets.

Please help us welcome A&J clothing back into the Sprague Union District. Visit them online and in person during Art on the Ave on Saturday, September 29th. Artist exhibits, public art project, 3-D printer demonstrations, Mobius and other activities will take place between noon and 6 PM. Live music extends until 9 PM. East Sprague Avenue (1700-1900 blocks), Spokane, WA 99202.