Christina Marie describes her early childhood as an ordinary life out in a little country town. Christina grew up in LaCenter, WA where she was raised by her parents – both of whom had been profoundly impacted by their faith. It was while Christina was in church service with her parents that she started to take an interest toward the visual arts. Just seven years old, with her eyes fixed on her sister’s paper and pencil, Christina watched her older sister draw a goat on a cliff. Through sheer determination to rival the artistic talents of her older siblings, Christina would spend countless hours drawing.

Fast forward to spring of 2009, Christina enrolled in the art program at SFCC and was taking her first oil painting class. Her 1st painting “Sunset on the Beach,” was labeled a “gem” by her instructor. Since her first experience with oil painting Christina has continued to see progress with each new painting and her subject of choice has shifted from nature and landscapes to her pursuit of Christian imagery in which she uses the Bible as reference to her works.

“It is during these times [when I paint] when I let go of logic and the strive for perfection, that I find the most success in my paintings–to go by feeling and not by seeing.”

Stop in and see Christina and more than thirty other artists at Art on the Ave 2015.

Wolf Skull


Art on the Ave – Saturday, September 26 from noon to 6 PM (Live Music until 9 PM)

East Sprague Avenue (Madelia to Napa)

Spokane, WA 99202