Martha Burris – Artist, Sculptor & Potter – began working with acrylic and oil paints, painting the things she liked, saw and felt. Martha first tried clay in school and liked it, but didn’t return to the medium for many years. When Martha became restless with painting she decided to give working in clay a try. Martha’s return to clay started with the type baked in the oven at home. Unhappy with the results, Martha began working with pottery clay.

“I found that when I work with clay, I am reminded that all things begin in raw, natural forms. I feel connected with nature while working with these elements.”

Martha begins each piece by recalling thoughts, emotions, ideas or forms and then brings them to life with her hands based on the picture in her head. All of Martha’s creations have texture of some kind; natural plant, lace, manipulated bumps or sharp lines. Many of her pieces also show her whimsical sense of humor.

Creating unique pieces fills Martha with joy, fulfillment, satisfaction and excitement that she doesn’t find elsewhere. When people see Martha’s work, she’d like them to feel something inside (good or bad) that makes them think and talk about what they are seeing and feeling. Martha also says that she loves creating and hanging out with like-minded artists at Spokane Pottery Supply. More of Martha’s work can be found on her Facebook Page –┬áMarthas Clay Creations.

Please help us welcome Martha Burris back to Art o the Ave: visit Martha at her booth during the event. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 29th. Artists exhibits are open between noon and 6 PM. Music extends until 9 PM. East Sprague Avenue (1700-1900 blocks).

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