Madeline Ballou is from Spokane, WA. While pursing her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Painting at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) she discovered that art is so much more than a means of communication. Her interest in art was first evident in Elementary school where she enjoyed drawing as a medium to communicate. This interest in using art as a mean to communicate has been constant through most of her life. While studying at PLU she has developed an interest in art conservation and has become passionate about gender studies and animal ethics. Her artwork has been exhibited in the Philips Center at PLU, at juried shows at PLU, and has shown her work at East Sprague Art Gallery in Spokane. Madeline studied in Ireland at the Burren College of Art where she was inspired to address animal ethics in her work. This experience further propagated her interest in fine art and art conservation. She hopes to pursue a career as in art conservation and restoration.

Once again, please help us welcome Madeline to Art on the Ave. You can visit Madeline at Art Restoration between noon and 6 pm today.