After starting college with the intent to go into the sciences, particularly medicine, research, and genetics, Daren realized that even though he enjoyed the ares of practice he was not cut out for it. Daren says he was meant for something different, for narrative. Drifting until he discovered art, Daren delved right in and over the past couple of years he has immersed himself in the art world, exploring and researching what it means to be an artist and how to express what he finds.

“I found myself instantly connected to the mediums of printmaking, and ever since I have continued my work in search of things I find interesting.”

Daren’s work often deals with spiritualism. He is fascinated with old religions, cults, and pseudoscience. But, he also loves mathematics, geometry, and grids. Mixing the two together and creating new ideas based on natural principles as well as a mystical sense fascinates Daren.

“My work often addresses contradictions and duality. Although there might seem to be a fundamental disconnect between subject, there is some unseen force binding them together.”

We hope you will help us welcome Daren to AoA 2015 and stop by to see him at the event.

Creation Extract Sermon

Art on the Ave – Saturday, September 26th

12-6 PM

East Sprague Avenue between Madelia and Helena Streets  (1700-1900 blocks)

Spokane, WA 99202