Host Business Terms

Information & Requirements


Raffle and Event Success Tracking — You as a merchant participant are encouraged to donate an item or gift certificate toward a grand prize raffle drawing for the benefit of event attendees. In order to encourage customers to return to your shop after the event, we are also hopeful that merchants will consider providing the planning committee with a coupon or other event tracking device for use during the event. In order to reduce long term exposure or risk of coupons or other discounts/benefits, please consider an expiration date for the offer that is only one or two weeks out past the event.

Media/Networking The Businesses participating in Art on the Ave are providing funds toward event advertising along with our event Sponsors; however, we still need you to help us get the word out. Please consider using your own Facebook accounts, websites, or other social media to let your followers know that you will be participating in this event.

Artist/Business Pre-Event Meeting A pre-event meeting will be scheduled for several days prior to the event. Please make every effort to attend this meeting as we will be working out any issues associated with space, location set-up, etc. You will receive more information about the pre-meeting as the event date approaches.

Non-cash Payment for Artwork It is the artist’s responsibility to arrange methods or acceptance of payment other than cash or personal check.

Patron Interaction Please come prepared to interact with patrons of the event. The event will only benefit from the patrons interacting with you at your business in addition to seeing the talent and experiencing each artist’s individual personality.

Exhibit Space & Special Accommodations While the Art on the Ave Committee will be coordinating the use of an exhibit space, each artist will be responsible for set-up and removal of their exhibit space including acquiring and transporting what they need to display their artwork (e.g. tables, easels, etc). Should artists need assistance in locating these items for the event, they have been asked to let us know at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event what they will need. Because artists will be partnering with our local businesses, we have also asked them to let us know about any space requirements they will need to accommodate their works. Generally, we ask that each business provides a minimum of a 10′ by 10′ space for artists to exhibit their works.

The Art Art on the Ave is intended to show one-of-a-kind and limited edition/non mass production visual and culinary arts. If commercial items appear, that are not manufactured by the artist, they may be asked to remove these items and/or leave.

Sales, Receipts and Washington State Sales Tax Participating artists are responsible to report applicable sales receipts and tax collected.

Event Participation Fees — Each artist that you host for this event should register at as an Art on the Ave Artist for this year’s event. Art on the Ave will collect a nominal fee for artists which includes lunch for them. You as a business host location may not charge commissions or any additional fees to these artists for use of your space at this event.

Event Attendance We take artist and business intent to participate in Art on the Ave very seriously: If you submit an application for the event, we expect that you are committed to participating in Art on the Ave. We also expect that you will keep your business open for the entirety of the event (12-6 pm). Should an emergency arise that prohibits your participation, we ask that you immediately notify the identified event coordinators to make them aware of any unexpected absence from this event. ESBA’s Art on the Ave Committee reserves the right to deny future requests to participate in Art on the Ave based on business attendance.

After Hour Social Event – The Art on the Ave Committee is planning an After Hours Social Event for Artists, businesses and patrons of Art on the Ave following the official close of the event. This kind of After Hours celebration provides an opportunity for networking and socializing between participant artists, businesses and event patrons. We invite you to attend!