Please help us welcome Kathy Roberg to Art on the Ave 2017. Kathy has an interesting story to tell about her art so we thought we should let her tell her story in her own words.

My story…Kathy Roberg

My name is Kathy Roberg.  I am a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration.  I am basically retired from the teaching profession of First Grade (21 years) and English as Second Language (20 years), but now have the time to volunteer in various charities in Spokane.    I have become conscious of all the plastic that is in our world, therefore, I have been involved for about 10 years now,  in a project of working with plastic grocery bags, making them into “plarn” – plastic yarn, and using this “ plarn” to crochet or knit Tote bags, purses, Veggie and Fruit liners, and other things.  I also have crocheted over 100 sleeping mats for the homeless folks from the “plarn.”   I am driven to make something of practicality and beauty, mostly because of the over – abundance of wasted plastic that fills our landfills.  My heart aches to see innocent creatures ingesting tiny bits of this oil saturated material in our oceans and rivers.   The goodness that is found in creation is marred by bags and wasted materials from our own carelessness.  Seeing these devastating realities makes me more aware of how I can make only a small contribution to help clean up our Mother Earth that is crying out for help.  Only we humans can make a difference in this regards.   One person can make a difference when the soul is touched with responsibility and concern.

Once again – please help us Welcome Kathy to Art on the Ave. Come out to see Kathy and dozens of other artists and musicians at Art on the Ave on Saturday September 30, noon to 6 pm (music to 10 PM). Sprague Avenue from Madelia to Napa (1700-1900 blocks of east Sprague).